What are the pre-requisites to use Procurement in OASIS Web? 

Your district needs to already have Requisition Routing implemented. Additionally, in order to use OASIS Web in Production, your CBO or Director of Fiscal Services needs to submit a ticket asking for it to be turned on.

Will I have a chance to test OASIS Web before going live in production? 

Yes, there is an OASIS Web sandbox environment available. See below for links to access OASIS Web.

Why does PO number have Decimals?

Harris Solutions is continually updating their application.  Currently many whole numbers are reflecting a decimal value of X.0 or X.00.  This is simply an annoyance, and does not materially affect QSS in any way.

What Roles can access OASIS Web?

Requisition Creators, Requisition Approvers and Purchasing department have access to OASIS Web.  Purchasing department will still have to print PO using the QCC Desktop client.

Is the full PO/Requisitions module available in OASIS Web? 

No, only the requisition entry and queue management functions are currently available in OASIS Web. 

How are Purchase Orders created in OASIS? 

Requisitions and their approval can be completed by using OasisWeb. Purchasing department will have to use QSS Desktop to print the purchase order. 

How do I do a PO Change Order in OASIS Web?

PO Change Orders is not currently available  in OASIS. You will have to use QSS Desktop for that.

Will the information I update in OASIS Web be available in QCC

Yes, OASIS Web is just another way to view the same data that is shown in QCC.  Changes in OASIS are reflected in QCC, and vice versa.

Why can't I view attachments in Oasis Web?

In the Sand Box attachments aren't actually loaded in order to save disk space. In production, QCC has a different way of formatting attachments than Oasis Web.  An attachment uploaded through QCC will take upwards of five minutes to finally finish loading when previewing via the web.  On the other hand, attachments loaded from the web are fast to load in both Oasis Web and QCC Desktop. Our suggestion - use QCC if you need to view an attachment.

Can the commodity code list be sorted?

We have put this request into Harris, but in the meantime, simply type a portion of the commodity code you're looking for (ex: "CUS" for custodial), and the list will filter to anything with those letters in the commodity code.

Where is the Look-up function in OASIS Web?

In lieu of a ‘Look-Up’ function when filling out forms, OASIS retains a list of most recently used selections.  In addition, it allows you to type any portion of an account string (or vendor, or commodity code, etc..) and will provide a list of top 10 matches.

Why should we use OASIS Web with all these issues?

For the purposes of researching requisitions, or approving/denying requisitions, the speed of the web based system provides far greater efficiency than QCC does. OASIS Web may or may not be right for your role, choose between QCC and OASIS Web based on your needs.

 Current limitations in OASIS Web for features
commonly used in QSS Desktop 

OASIS Web Sandbox Links